13 Years Ago Today Whiskey Myers Released Their Breakout Album ‘Firewater’

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Margaret Pattillo

The album that features one of the saddest songs in country music…

Thirteen years ago today, the East Texas boys of Whiskey Myers released their 2011 album Firewater. This might be the group’s second studio album, but this album was what put Whiskey Myers on the map.

The critically acclaimed album features some of the group’s most well-known deep cuts, like “Ballad of a Southern Man,” “Virginia,” and, of course, the heartbreaking “Broken Window Serenade.”

“This album was really the first one that we got to take time to really work on. We kind of knew a little more about what we were doing…maybe. We already had most of the stuff going into the studio, you know, certain things we changed…”

Frontman Cody Cannon said in an interview with The Texas Music Scene TV in 2011.

The album is Whiskey Myers’ gateway drug for listeners; since this project, the group has continued to lean into its Southern country rock sound, which continued to grow and become more refined over its following six studio albums. Last year, on the 12th anniversary of the album’s release, Whiskey Myers noted how blown away they are with the continued support of the album. Still, when you curate a collection of songs that are as timeless as these…it’s hard not to continue to support and stream the songs.

But let’s be honest: Firewater’s crowned jewel on the tracklist is “Broken Window Serenade.” Whether you are a Whiskey Myers fan or not, you probably know this single. The song has been dubbed the saddest song in country music, and fans know that they will choke up from the melancholy intro.

“You had signs of depression
From a long line of sin
And your face tells a story
Bout the places you have been
I love you so,
I thought you should know…”

This album is a classic and it is only right to fire up some of your favorites today. Whiskey Myers did God’s work with this tracklist.

“Bar, Guitar, and a Honky Tonk Crowd”


“Broken Window Serenade” 

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