“We Came From Baton Rouge, Louisiana” – Brian Thomas Jr’s Mom Took A Question Very Literally In An Instant Classic NFL Draft Moment

Brian Thomas Jr mom

This absolutely wrecked me. It’s one of those quick, fleeting clips that could easily get lost in the shuffle of the chaos that is the NFL Draft, but sometimes you just know a quote is going to endure in the annals of this annual event’s history.

LSU wide receiver Brian Thomas Jr. (WR4, No. 9 prospect IMHO) had a bit of a wait before the Jacksonville Jaguars finally scooped him up with the 23rd overall pick. After catching bombs from Jayden Daniels at LSU, Thomas now gets to head to Duval County to haul in downfield passes from Trevor Lawrence. Not a bad transition from college to pro!

But Thomas’ parents kind of stole the show, and his mom in particular had perhaps the line of the entire night. After an emotional Brian Sr. could nary muster many words other than how awesome it was to see the culmination of his son’s dream to play in the NFL, Sondra Thomas stood and delivered when asked how far her family has come.

That’s how you do it. I get that the NFL Draft can be an awesome platform to share human interest stories and certain prospects overcoming seemingly impossible odds to reach the highest levels of football. In those instances, you’d want some sort of pre-assembled package, with a feature that does the subject and his family justice. Trying to sort of shoehorn an overly sentimental narrative into a soundbite, as appeared to be the attempt here, can come across as a little crass.

Might be a total misread of the situation, but either way, Brian Thomas Jr’s mom shut it down and moved on to the next question like a consummate professional. Not that she was angry. It was just a matter-of-fact, deadpan delivery that happened to be hilarious in context.

Why Thomas fell so far in the draft is difficult for me to grasp. You just don’t see many human beings with his blend of size, athleticism and ball skills roaming the Earth.

Some of it might have to do with playing with Daniels, the No. 2 overall pick of the Washington Commanders, and fellow wideout Malik Nabers. The Giants couldn’t resist adding Nabers with the sixth pick despite alleged “character” concerns that I never bought in the first place.

Anyway, if the dry humor of his mother is any indication, the Jags got a solid citizen in Thomas who just so happens to be a dude who can blow the top off an opposing secondary. Between BTJ and Gabe Davis on the outside, Christian Kirk in the slot, and Evan Engram at tight end, Lawrence has an embarrassment of riches of exceptional pass-catchers at his disposal.

Brian Sr., though — we gotta work on that DUUUUUUUUUVAAAAAAAAL!

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