Notre Dame Standout Joe Alt Is Heading To The Chargers, But His Girlfriend Is Heading To The “Meme Hall Of Fame”

Joe Alt

Sometimes in life, you become a meme, and you can’t do a damn thing about it.

Think of all the memorable memes you’ve come across since the “meme” was invented. Bad Luck Brian, the Distracted Boyfriend, Kermit sipping on tea… I could go on and on. Back in the day, people set out to make memes. But in the modern age of memery, the memes often create themselves.

That’s what happened last night during the 2024 NFL Draft. There were plenty of memorable (and meme-able) moments, like the Atlanta Falcons drafting a QB after paying Kirk Cousins $180 million this offseason, but one that really stood out was the moment when Notre Dame defensive tackle Joe Alt was drafted number five overall to the Los Angeles Chargers.

It was a special moment for Alt and his family and friends, especially considering he was one of the few non-skill-position players taken in a more offense-heavy draft class. However, right before it was announced that Alt would be packing up and shipping out to LA, his girlfriend Emilie didn’t look all that excited.

Of course, this seems to be a shot of them waiting to go live on camera, so she’s most likely just waiting for the green light to smile, but… seems like that green light didn’t come in time. Take a look:

It also looks a little more normal without the zoom:

It’s not out of the norm for an NFL Draft pick’s significant other to go viral. Just last year, Will Levis’ then girlfriend Gia Duddy went viral just for basically being there. But romantic partners don’t usually look unenthused (and confused?) like Alt’s girlfriend did, and that’s why she became a meme.

Social media flooded the replies on X (formerly Twitter) asking what the heck was going on with Joe Alt’s GF:

In reality, the reaction was most likely due to a tape delay on the camera that was on Joe Alt and his friends and family. Still though, it’s a dangerous game to relax your face when the bright lights are on you and the NFL Draft could cut to your feed at any moment.

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