Two Fans Are Suing For The Right To Tell The New York Giants That They “F*cking Suck”

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Sure the New York Football Giants have had a couple Super Bowl wins in the past 10 years, but these days, they’re resting comfortably near the bottom of the NFC.

I love it.

You know who doesn’t love it? Kyle & Patrick Flynn, two brothers who were arrested and tased as they were forcibly removed from a game last year. They caught the attention of security for heckling the team with some choice words and a few eloquently displayed middle fingers.

Here’s the video.

However, according to New York Post, the brothers have filed a lawsuit claiming their First Amendment rights were violated and that stadium security and local police used excessive force.

The suit states that the incident occurred on Nov. 12, 2017, at a game between Big Blue and the Niners, won by San Francisco, 31-21. The Flynns, who were seated close to the field, reportedly shouted “You [expletive] suck” and flipped off members of the Giants, who were losing the game.

They reportedly complied with an order from a Santa Clara police officer named Nicholas Cusimano to cease yelling profanities, but the Flynns were ejected after repeating those offenses later in the game.

According to the lawsuit, Kyle Flynn had to be forcibly removed from his seat, alleging he was grabbed and choked by officers and was “left in [a] restraint device” known as a WRAP “for at least 30 to 40 minutes.”

Kyle Flynn was initially placed under arrest and charged with resisting arrest, but the Santa Clara District Attorney’s Office later dropped the charges and dismissed the case.

As a Chicago sports fan, I get it. Your team fucking sucks and you want to let them know. What else is going to motivate them? Bigger paychecks, shoe deal, special treatment at the local Applebee’s? No, fuck that and let ’em hear it.

You had two real fans here, die hard brothers that bleed blue, but because Odell Beckham’s softer-than-toilet-paper-ass couldn’t take a good old fashioned heckling, you had to go and get the police involved. I miss the good old days when a fan would tell a player he sucked and then the player would just rush the stands and fight him… and win. You can bet that he won’t be talking shit after that. Instead we have the police tasing guys now. Sad.

This is why the Giants suck, and will continue to suck.

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