Cole Swindell’s Tear-Jerker “Dad’s Old Number” Is The Deep Cut Of The Year

Few songs resonated with fans as deeply as Cole Swindell’s “Dad’s Old Number” in 2018.

Who knows if the song will be a single, and who cares. The song is much more than a slot on the country charts. “Dad’s Old Number” has over 3M listens on YouTube, another few million spins on Spotify, and a growing legion of listeners who say the song speaks directly to them.

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It was obvious when Cole’s album, All Of It, came out that this song was going to reach people in a much more personal way. That album is one of the best of 2018. I immediately knew I had to do a separate post for this song, and when I did, the reaction was incredible. It was one of our most-viewed stories of the year, and the messages people left on social media were vulnerable yet joyous. This song was helping people get through tragedy, and loss.

“Dad’s Old Number” is the final song on the album, and to me, the most powerful. Written by Jessi Alexander and Chase McGill, Cole sings about giving dad a call, even though you know he’s gone, and apologizing to the person that now holds “dad’s old number.” If you’ve suffered a loss, you know the yearning to hear that voice one more time, to dial that number one more time.

It’s our Deep Cut of the Year.

photo credit: Robin Marchant/Getty Images for CBS Radio

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