Guy Rigs Remote Control “Squirrel Chucker” To Deal With Annoying Squirrels

A body of water with grass and trees around it

I hate squirrels. I think that a small group of organized squirrels, united by a common goal, could kill me if they really wanted to. Three or four of them come at me all at once with their lighting fast ninja squirrel speed and I’m dead before I even know what happens. Call it an irrational fear, but think about it long enough and you’ll realize that I’m right. If nothing else, you’ll think about it the next time you see one.

That being said, I’m also for the ethical treatment of animals. Squirrels can swim. This device is completely harmless. Save your comments.

Both of those being said, this is fucking hysterical.–gg

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock