For Just $5,000, This Beastly Redneck Snowmobile Could Be Yours

A car with a smashed front end

Look at this beauty.

At just $5,000, this beast appears to be an absolute steal, and while the ad claims that it was made for the brutal winters of North Dakota, anywhere in the Great White North could put this bad boy to some serious use. Minnesota, Wisconsin, even the mud of East Texas is no match for this thing.

All the comments on the Reddit thread agree:

“I am a redneck, and I approve this message.”

“For real. Only 5 grand for this wonderful machine?”

“Fresh coat of paint/detail and maybe some bed liner under neither and I’d fucking buy it. Things bad ass.”

“I bet that thing would rip through our East Texas mud like owl shit through an open sunroof.”

“Shit, if I lived in ND I’d buy it today. My wife might divorce me for doing something like that though…”

“Hell yes I want one. This thing would be useful 7 months out of the year round here”

“Shit I’d pay $5k for that, that’s rad as fuck.”

Sounds like the redneck stamp of approval to me.

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A beer bottle on a dock