Kenny Chesney Adds David Lee Murphy To His 2019 ‘Songs For The Saints Tour’

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Kenny is scaling it back from the stadiums he is used to playing with the upcoming Songs For The Saints Tour, and now, he’s taking David Lee Murphy with him.

Murphy has written a number of Chesney songs including, “Living In Fast Forward,” “Til It’s Gone,” “Just Not Today,” “Bar at the End of the World,” and “Pirate Flag.” The duo also recently won a CMA Award for “Musical Event of the Year” with teh #1 single, “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright.”

“There is only one David Lee Murphy,” says Chesney. “He is, as ‘Living In Fast Forward’ says, ‘a hillbilly rock star,’ and No Shoes Nation showed that every time he hit that stage! He has a thing about him that is old school country, rocking, laid back, fired up and chilled out… And he brings it every single night.”

David Lee Murphy is equally as excited to be joining Kenny on the intimate tour.

“Last year walking out onstage with Kenny was awesome,” says the “Dust on the Bottle” singer. “But it was over so fast. I’m excited to have a whole set to be able to play to those fans, because No Shoes Nation takes their music as seriously as any group of fans/music lovers I’ve ever seen. They opened their arms to me last year. And I can’t wait for this year.”

“People live inside these songs. You can hear it when they sing ‘em back to us every night, and you could feel it when they sang along with David Lee at those stadium shows. He’s as much a member of No Shoes Nation as anyone, and I want these fans to get to experience what makes his kind of country music not just unique, but real.”

No doubt, this tour is going to be one of the year’s best.

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