The Official Whiskey Riff CMA Awards Drinking Game

Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood are posing for a picture

‘Bout that time.

The 52nd Annual CMA Awards take place Wednesday November 14th, at 7 PM CST on ABC. Don’t fucking miss it.

That means it’s time for the Official Whiskey Riff CMA Awards Drinking Game. We’ll be there, and yes, we will have various alcohols in our system.

Make sure you follow us on Twitter, @WhiskeyRiff, for live tweeting, and on Instagram and Facebook (@WhiskeyRiff) as we’ll be working (to what extent I don’t know) the Red Carpet and attempting to make you laugh.

Let’s get to it. Here are the rules…

A black coffee maker on a counter

– Take a sip when a presenter stumbles over their lines

– Take a sip when your favorite artist wins

– Take a sip every time you get angry Kip Moore isn’t nominated

– Take a sip when your favorite artist loses

– Take a sip when Brad Paisley is awkward

– Take a sip when someone acts way too surprised about winning

– Take a shot if you see an up-and-coming male artist wearing a flower suit, anywhere in the crowd (hey Chris Lane)

– Also, take a shot when you see a guy with really tall hair

– Take a sip if the camera catches someone zoning out during a performance

– Take two sips when Brian Kelley says “baby”

– Take a sip when every time you “like” a @WhiskeyRiff tweet

– Take a sip whenever someone talks about women in country, actually take two, this is important

– Take a sip when Chris Stapleton makes you all tingly inside

– Shotgun 5 beers every-time you see Bebe Rexha and want to punch the screen

– Take a shot when the person you’re with says “a Bebe what?”

– Take a sip when Brothers Osborne win Duo of The Year

– Take a sip when you get the urge to Google an artist’s age

– Take a shot if Dierks Bentley wins an award…because Dierks Bentley should win an award

– Snort salt, squirt a lime in your eye, and take a shot of tequila if someone lip syncs

photo credit: Ed Herrara/ABC

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock