Whiskey Riff Exclusive: Catching Up With Danielle Bradbery

Back in June, Danielle Bradbery made quite a comeback into the spotlight with the release of her new single “Sway”, and that was only the beginning of the new side of her we’ll be seeing on her next record due out later this year.

After winning Season 4 of The Voice and signing to Big Machine Records, Danielle has had success all over the board, releasing hit singles, performing with names like Blake Shelton and Brad Paisley, recording a track with Thomas Rhett, and being nominated for Performance of the Year at this year’s CMT Music Awards for her performance of Nick Jonas’ “Close” with him and Thomas Rhett on CMT Crossroads, to name a few.

This upcoming project is a little bit different though. For the first time ever, Danielle is writing her own music, and if the lead track is any indication, we’re already well on our way to falling in love with the record.

While we impatiently wait for the release, check out what Danielle had to say about the process of creating the album, finding her voice, and everything that’s next for her.

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We’re finally getting to hear more of your voice on this new record, who have been some of your musical influences?

I kind of think back on my childhood and what I loved to sing, because I love pushing myself a little bit. I love singing Mariah Carey and all that, and I kind of bring all of that with me now. I’m trying to figure out who I am as an artist so I don’t really have anyone specific right now that I’m basing myself on. I do however like the vibe of Maren Morris and the way she does things so I kind of study her a little bit.

You and Maren both have elements of pop and soul in your music, what’s your opinion on the “That’s Not Country” debate?

I don’t really have an opinion, I just kind of go with the flow. My whole thing personally is just to do the music that I feel in my heart is right for me. And if I’m happy with it, and hopefully my fans are happy with it, and I just try to be as real as possible.

How do you feel evolved past few years since The Voice?

It’s changed a bit, because just from having The Voice fans, and who I was on The Voice. I was 16, this country bumpkin girl, and now I’m getting into more of what I always have listened to growing up which is R&B. People think I’m crazy but I listen to hip-hop too, and then my mom’s side of the family is hispanic so I listen to Latina music and so it’s all a mixture of everything. I think more now everybody is getting to see a little bit of everything so it’s really cool.

Are there any aspects of the new record that you think are going to surprise people?

Sometimes I think as your biggest critic you second guess everything, and as real as I’m putting myself out to be, and saying “I’m being honest, it’s going to be such a real album” I worry about if it’s going to be too too much, but I just have to think again that it’s going to be more relatable. If it was the other way around, I would appreciate it and it would stick to me more if I heard a song and I thought to myself “I relate to that so much”, so hopefully I have that effect, I’m crossing my fingers.

Are there any collaborations on this record?

Not as of right now, hopefully last minute we’ll throw something in there, because we do have a song idea that could be a duet but we just haven’t really figured out who it will be with just yet.

Have you started working on a video for “Sway” yet?

Nope, not yet, but definitely on the works right now to get everything settled with that along with the new album. It’s very exciting and it’s coming along great.

Is there anything you’re most looking forward to this summer or that fans can be looking forward to?

Festivals are always fun, it’s a fun time and I’m just really excited to be playing my new music. We’re trying to figure out getting me on a radio tour soon, and hopefully hop on a big tour, and get this album out and get the ball rolling. I just can’t wait!

And neither can we. Keep up with everything Danielle by following her on Twitter @DBradbery and on Instagram and Facebook @daniellebradbery.

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