Why 2017 Is Going To Be The Year Of Kip Moore

Is it September 8th yet?

Kip Moore has a lot up his sleeve 2017. He talked about his new music expected out in September. Being that he’s an insanely talented singer/songwriter, we know this music is going to be nothing short of amazing. Moore says this may be the album he’s most proud of calling it, “the best work he’s done.”

His life experiences, travel adventures, and ability to take chances inspired this album. He also contributes a portion of the sound from one of his favorites, Motown. The highly anticipated album is expected in September of 2017. Moore also mentioned “Girls like You,” was inspired new views of settling down. “not that I’m looking for it, but I’m more open to that idea now than I ever have been,” he explained. If the ladies weren’t already chasing the handsome country star, they are now.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock