These 10 Country Studs DO NOT Look Their Age

Sometimes people look a little bit older than they actually are, and sometimes they look WAY younger. These men of country music are prime examples of both. Caution, some might shock you…

1. Jon Langston

The rugged good looks and facial hair had me thinking Mr. Langston was at least 29 or 30, not 26! Although he is not alone…


2. Thomas Rhett

Not everyone will agree with me on this one, but at first glance Thomas Rhett, 27, looks closer to 32. It’s probably the facial hair guys! He would probably look younger if he shaved his beard, but he kind of rocks it!


3. Luke Bryan

The man ages well. Not only does he move like a young buck, he looks at least a decade younger than he is. The big 4-0 never looked better.