8 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Scared To Drink At A Bar Alone

Something happens as you get older…

When I say “older” I’m talking the transition from your early 20s, to your late 20s and beyond. You become jaded, you start to appreciate the simple things in life like a properly poured beer and drinking that thing on an old rickety bar stool.

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A real man, or woman, should be able to walk into his or her bar of choice ALONE, sit at the bar ALONE, and confidently have a drink without feeling like some creeper loser bum.

Here are 8 reasons you should embrace drinking at a bar alone.

You learn.

You’d be surprised how much you could learn from a bartender who has been doing the job for years. They are some of the best people to talk to, with some of the best stories and opinions.

It’s reflective.

You sit. You drink. You think.

It’s a form of meditation.

There’s no bullshit, it’s you and your drink and your thoughts. Sip and clear your mind.

It takes you out of your comfort zone.

It takes some time to get used to the feeling of sitting at the bar alone for a drink, but it’s immensely important to take yourself out of your comfort zone. It breeds positivity.

You might make new friends.

When you sit at the bar alone and are normal and not some creep, people become curious. It’s easy to start talking to the people next to you.

You can drink in peace.

No annoying loud people talking about shit you don’t care about. Feels good, right?

You’re taken seriously.

The bartender sees you as someone they want to take care of and you quickly become comfortable in your own skin. People around you might think “damn, I couldn’t drink alone like that.”

It shows confidence.

Above all else, being able to walk into a bar, sit down and have a drink by yourself proves one thing – you have confidence. You walk tall, you talk with conviction, and you have a drink whenever you damn well please, no matter who’s with you, or not with you.

** having a drink (or drinks) at the bar alone is cool as long as you remain chill and not creepy.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock