The New “Bachelor” Inspired Wine Will Have Us All Drunk Every Monday

If there’s a show that you have to be tipsy to watch, it’s this one.

It’s pretty much a tradition for women all over the United States. Monday night comes around, you cuddle up in your favorite fuzzy socks, invite your girlfriends over, and pour yourself a big glass of wine. Of course, you bring the bottle to the couch with you because depending on this week’s episode or your current relationship status, you’ll want it.

Don’t pretend this isn’t you every Monday night. ^

Bachelor Monday wouldn’t be the same without a bottle of wine which is why it’s good that “The Bachelor Wine C0llection” is now a thing. It’s set to be released the 21st season of the show on January 2nd. The fact that they are releasing a wine collection at this time tells me two things… One, they finally realized how much money they could make by selling wine to the hopeless romantics watching the show all over the U.S. OR two, Nick Viall’s season is so bad that the creators want to get you as drunk as possible so at least your drunk self can pretend to enjoy it. Regardless, let’s rejoice because there’s now new alcohol available to us.

The collection will include The Fantasy Suite (Cabernet Sauvignon), One on One (Chardonnay), and The Final Rosé. So there’s that.

Cheers to love WINE!


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