Natalie Maines Still Not Ready To Make Nice With Republican Party & Country Radio

Natalie Maines in black jacket

Over 10 years ago, Natalie Maines buried the career of the Dixie Chicks with politically charged comments about George Bush, the Iraq War and the Republican Party.

After 10 years of silence and banishment from country radio, she’s back to touring and back to the controversial spotlight.

They also featured this defaced image of Trump at one of their concerts.

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Quite frankly and unfortunately, I’m not a fan of either political candidate during this election year, but it seems like the Dixie Chicks haven’t learned a thing in 10 years and still continue to use their success as a platform for politics. If history is any indication, nobody wants to go to a campaign rally when they buy a ticket to your show.

Shut up and play your music.

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A beer bottle on a dock