Charlie Worsham’s New “Other Side Of The Lens” Will Have You Wanting To Call Your Mom

As we’ve said here before, Charlie Worsham is one of the most all-around talented, yet somehow still underrated, musicians in all of country music. This song proves it.

Charlie recently stopped by the Grand Ole Opry and performed a new song he wrote for his mother called “Other Side Of The Lens”. In typical Charlie fashion, the lyrics are smooth, poetic, and tell a great story.

Anybody out there that is super close to their mom will have a deep appreciation for this song. It tells the story of Charlie growing up, and all of the vacations and adventures his mom took him on or was there for, and how she was always “on the other side of the lens” recording it all. It ends with him saying that all of these moments and times with his momma made him into who he is today.

“Now I’m swimmin’ through the scrapbooks and the thought occurs to me, I need a snapshot of her for my future kids to see. Something I can show them, to make them understand, the one who took these photographs made me who I am. She’s the keeper of the story, all my best remember when’s. Yeah this one’s for my momma, on the other side of the lens”

Damn, what a song. Hopefully Charlie will record and release this one soon.

Now go give your Mom a call and tell her how much you love and appreciate her.