Midland Announces New Music As Only Midland Can

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Coming July 2nd, we got new music from Midland.

The ever enigmatic band took to Instagram to announce a new song, titled “Sunrise Tells The Story” will be coming out this Friday, followed by 4 more songs on July 16th.

However, the announcement itself was a bit strange…

The post is a “Press Release” from The Last Resort Hotel and Day Spa, saying that they will be reopening post COVID and having a “New Hot Shit House Band” called Midland.

The statement includes a website (thelastresort.biz) and phone number (512-648-6364) for the Hotel.

For investigative purposes, I gave the number a dial and was greeted with a voice message saying something to the extent of “For all bookings, please visit our website thelastresort.biz. All Terms and Conditions apply.”

The website itself is just one page with an “Under Construction” watermark across a early 2000’s infomercial-like screen.

Leave is to Midland to give us details on new music, yet leave us more confused than when we started…

Either way, I’m excited.

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A beer bottle on a dock