Idiots Are Actually Paying Over $600 For These Jeans That Make It Look Like You Pissed Yourself

Jordanluca jeans

What in the world is wrong with a good ol’ pair of Wranglers?

I think we can all agree that some people just have too much money. And it’s not even the amount of money that they have that’s the problem. It’s the dumb sh*t they choose to buy with it.

Like these jeans that look like they have pee-stains on them.

The Jordanluca brand jeans debuted in 2023, and feature a dark spot in an area that makes it look suspiciously like you pissed your pants while wearing them. Oh, and they also have a price tag of over $800 (though right now they’re on sale for just over $600 if you like a good bargain).

And somehow, people are actually buying them, despite the outrageous price tag.

According to the NY Post, the jeans sold out online, although the lighter wash variant is still available. And the internet can’t believe that people are actually buying the “pee-stain denim” jeans for that hefty price tag (although I can’t believe people would buy them for any amount of money).

These people know they can just piss their pants for free, right? Like, there’s no law against it.

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