Chris Stapleton’s Version Of “Another Try” Is A Country Music Masterpiece

That’s a damn country song right there.

We’ve shared this one a few years back, but damn it’s just too good not bring back up on this lovely throwback of an Thursday evening.

Originally recorded by Josh Turner and Trisha Yearwood (what a power duo, right?) back on 2007, “Another Try” has to be one of the premiere country heartbreakers of the past 20 years.

And guess who wrote it? Chris Stapleton.

Chris’ demo version is a bit different, and so is Chris’ approach compared to his usual vocal style. Most of the time, Chris likes to let that big voice rip, but here he’s much more reserved, letting the emotions of the song do the heavy lifting.

A country music masterpiece.

Josh and Trisha:

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock