Troll Tells Maren Morris To Leave Country Music With Her “Liberal, Feminist Crap,” It Doesn’t Go Well…

Maren Morris smiling for the camera

Nice try, troll. Nice try.

I have to give Maren Morris props for being one of the few stars that actually interacts on Twitter, even responding to the shit-talkers hiding behind their computer. Just a quick reminder: if someone has way too many emojis in their Twitter bio, or numbers in their Twitter handle, you’re usually up for a bad time, and some bad takes.

Like this person. Here’s what was tweeted at Maren…

Dear @MarenMorris,

Why don’t you take your liberal, feminist crap and leave country music! Your newest video for “Girl” is disgusting and as a woman I actually find it totally demeaning and out of line. How dare you act like you represent women who listen to country music …

Maren responded, and 500+ comments later, the troll had quite a few Twitter replies…

Mic drop.

A man and a woman

“Girl” by Maren Morris.

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A beer bottle on a dock