Kane Brown Unhappy With The CMA’s: “What’s A Man Gotta Do To Get Nominated”

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The nominations for the 52nd Annual CMA Awards were released today and of course, not everybody is going to be happy.

Exhibit A: Kane Brown

Kane Brown, who has also since deleted a tweet alluding to his lack of a nomination, posted a story to his Instagram saying, “So what’s a man gotta do to get nominated lmafo just wanted to say my fans are the shit and I love ya’ll.”

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Look, I’m definitely no Kane Brown fan, but this past year, Kane’s hit single “Heaven” became one of only two singles in the past decade to remain Top 5 for 14 weeks or more on the Billboard Country Airplay Charts, and his triple-platinum #1 hit “What Ifs” became the #3 most-streamed country song of all time.

Additionally, Kane Brown holds 2018’s longest reign on Billboard’s Top Country Albums Chart with 10 weeks at #1 and has hit a total of 12 weeks at #1, the most weeks of any country album released since December 2016. Also, Brown garnered a Guinness World Record for becoming the first act to top five U.S. country charts simultaneously. You can’t deny he’s had a big year.

I mean, great artists like Kip Moore get ignored every year and women in country music get shafted daily, but hey, maybe he does have a case for New Artist of the Year this year…

What do you think?

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