Forget Wine & Painting, This Class Let’s You Get Drunk & Tattoo A Melon

My and my girlfriend go to the wine and painting classes every few months.

If you’re not familiar, you pay like $34-$45 bucks, bring your own wine (or Four Loko if you’re an absolute fucking savage, and yes that really happened in my class) and an art teacher shows you how to paint a pretty picture that you can take home and hang in your house, but probably won’t if you’re like me and paint like a blind penguin. I use my painting to cover a hole in the wall, so I guess it has its uses. Either way, still a decent date night.

Take that same idea, but instead of wine and painting, you get to get drunk and use a real tattoo gun to practice tattooing on melons. This Brooklyn-area bar, Forever Ink Bar, let’s you do exactly that. And don’t worry, nobody is allowed to get a real one after they’ve had a few too many. Also, for $17 bucks, it’s an absolute steal.

Check it out.

H/t BroBible

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock