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36 Things That Happen As You Get Drunk On Fireball

I love you, Fireball. But sometimes, I hate you, Fireball.

Getting drunk on Fireball is filled with many emotions. Here are 36 things to be exact…

36. Oh shit, I didn’t think the bartender would see me that quickly. Uhhhh, I don’t know what to get… FIREBALL.

35. Fuck.

34. Ew, here comes the little plastic cup shot.

33. Goopy Fireball fingers.

32. I prefer cinnamon on my french toast, not in my whiskey.

31. Ugh, so syrupy.

30. I’ve had that homemade Fireball before, I liked it.

29. I wonder how much it costs them to make a bottle of this stuff.

28. Not very much…

27. We should probably do another shot.

26. Hm… shot #2 was better.

25. I love this song.

24. Time for shot #3.

23. I like Fireball more now that I know it has antifreeze in it (or did).

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22. I love this song, let’s do another shot.

21. Imagine drinking a Fireball on the rocks.

20. I’m gonna yack.

19. Hangover is going to be a bitch.

18. Should chug a water.

17. Not gonna chug a water.

16. We should probably do another shot.

15. Fuck, it has the texture of NyQuil.

14. 6 shots is my max tonight.

13. Pretty drunk, should start making vacation plans with my friends that will never happen.

12. It’s taking over my body.

11. Who’s gonna blackout with me?

10. Another shot.

9. Is it just me or is this stuff getting smoother.

8. Keep ’em coming. Lost count.

7. Life is great.

6. Gonna tell my friends how much I love them.

5. Then I’m gonna smile at myself in the bathroom mirror.

4. One more shot.

3. I should probably just scream “woo!” right now.

2. How many shots is that?

1. I can’t see.

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A person holding a trophy

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