An Open Letter To Every Imperfect Country Girl

I’m a country girl. I consider myself a real country girl, I should add. I’m not perfect, nowhere near it.

A black coffee maker on a counter

– My wardrobe isn’t fancy or expensive. You’ll often find me in a white tank top, jeans, and boots.

– Speaking of boots, this is where you spend a little extra for the good stuff. Us girls know real cowboy boots make all the difference. 

– I’m a girl of many hats. Literally. A cowboy hat. A baseball cap. Hell, I may even wear a Snapback. I wear what I want, when I want, that’s what being country is.

– Being country isn’t about what’s hanging in your closet, or how much money you spend on flannels.

– I drink beer, and love BBQ. I’m not the fittest, but I’m active.

– I have curves, and I love it.

– I am not concerned with how many likes my Instagram photo gets, I spend my time worrying about what matters. My career, friends, family, and significant other. Oh, and my dog.

– My nails are often chipped or broken. I don’t rush to get them fixed.

– I love to hunt, fish, and watch the sunset.

– I make my own cut-off jeans, they don’t always look the best, oh well.

– Most holes in my jeans were earned through hard work. I didn’t pay $250 for my jeans to be made to look “country.”

– I wear makeup but I don’t overdo it, and I definitely don’t doll myself up to go hunting.

– I like my beer cold, my man to have manners, and my whiskey strong.

– My hair isn’t perfect, but it’s mine. I’m not perfect. But, I’m real.

– I love this country, my friends, family, and hard work. I cherish each day like it’s my last. Perfection is impossible, but the true country way is damn close.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock