Girl Asks 10 Guys How To Initiate Sexy Time, Their Responses Will Kill You

A woman with red lipstick

Newsflash: It’s really really easy.

However, this struggling female posed the question to the men of Reddit and I’m not quite sure she found the answer she was looking for. Or, maybe she did. You be the judge.

1. “Hey, I want to have sex.”


2. “Want sum fuk? Bonus points if neked.”


3. “Put a sticky note that says “I want sex” on a brick and throw it at our faces.”


4.”Take off your clothes?”


5. “Lip bite and intense eye contact. Love the lip bite.”


6. “Touch/suck my dick and get naked. Done. This is not difficult ladies though I guarantee it’ll be hard.”


7. “To paraphrase a world leader: “Grab him by the penis.”


8. “Busy for the next 7 minutes?”


9. “Any alive and breathing female usually works for me. Have you tried that?”


10. “Sit on my face.”


See… it’s really easy.

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