Lindsay Ell Blocked From Radio Performance Because Of Personal Life

Grinds my fucking gears.

I love country music. I love most of the artists, most of the fans, industry people and even some of the folks that work at competing sites. Most of the time it seems like one big family, but every so often, the politics of everything drives me up the fucking wall.

According to an article in the Washington Post, Ell was scheduled to perform alongside Chase Bryant on Sacramento’s KNCI (105.1 FM).

KNCI is owned by CBS Radio — which is a rival to stations owned by iHeartMedia, the same company that employs Ell’s boyfriend and DJ superstar Bobby Bones.

Are you fucking kidding me? We’re not going to have someone perform because they are dating someone employed by a competitor? Are we in 8th grade? For fucks sake.

Of course the radio station backtracked on Friday evening. KNCI released a statement to the Washington Post, calling the cancellation a “bad decision.”

“Lindsay is an amazingly talented, up-and-coming artist and today we regrettably made a bad decision to cancel her show,” KNCI said in a statement. “We only hope that she – and our listeners – will forgive us, and that Lindsay and her team will allow us to reschedule the show.”

Music should be about the music and nothing else. Grow the fuck up and do your job.

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