Miranda Lambert Reveals Her Alter Ego She Uses At Starbucks

This is hilarious.

Miranda Lambert just sat down for her first interview in over a year, on the Bobby Bones Show.

Since she’s a well-known country music star, she revealed that she always doesn’t use her real name when ordering her Starbucks drinks.

“Sometimes I say Miranda sometimes I say something else,” Lambert said.

She didn’t want her reveal her newest alias because “then people would know!” But she did spill on her past fake names and they’re pretty hilarious.

“It used to be Tara Dactyl but then people found out. I used to be Tara Dactyl, that was my alter-ego when I would get a little too much whiskey in me.”

Watch the hilarious clip below to learn a little bit more…

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Miranda Lambert AKA Tara Dactyl ????

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A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock