Hear Zac Brown Band’s NEW Song “Family Table”

Zac Brown Band‘s new album, Welcome Home will be released really soon and just in time for summer.

In the meantime though, little by little we are getting a taste of what the record has in store for us. So far, I’m sensing major feelings of nostalgia coming from this album. Songs like “Family Table” serve as a perfect reminder of how life is really about little things like good company at the family dinner table.

When I listen to this song I immediately flash back to those nights I’d be running around outside barefoot with my friends, brother, and sister. My mom would call us in for dinner and we’d beg for 10 more minutes to play outside, then we’d ask if our friends could come to dinner too. Little flashbacks like that will get ya….WOW, now I’m on my feels.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock