Tucker Beathard Lets His Inner ‘Jackass’ Shine In Wild “Momma And Jesus” Video

It’s a beautiful thing to always have Momma and Jesus in your corner.

In this awesome new music video, Tucker Beathard shows you how us boys have a tendency to push the envelope every chance we get. We all raised a little hell in our younger days and some of us are still doing so, but no matter how wild we get, we always can count on momma and Jesus to still be there when the smoke clears.

If you’re like me, you watched shows like Jackass growing up. Well, so did Tucker, and that definitely influenced this wacky video. Boys getting dressed up in bikinis and shot with paintball guns? Yup, that’s in here and Tucker said it “really hurt, but it was 100% my idea.” Tucker also told me that growing up with brothers and watching shows like Jackass resulted in the guys making “stupid videos as kids, about stupid stuff.” So they said what the hell, let’s do one more, and they did for this video.

I also asked Tucker about the song’s title. The sound of this song almost catches you by surprise, you’re expecting something a little more somber, but not this one. It’s a rockin’ tune, I actually just worked out to. There have been a handful of recent country singles with “Jesus” in the title, but those songs did not do well (“Beer with Jesus” and “Real Men Love Jesus”). I asked him if this made him nervous and he flat out said “No. I don’t care where people think this song fits or doesn’t fit. I really don’t give a shit. I wanted to tell a story, and let people perceive it how they wish.” For that, we say thank you Tucker…and…

Thank you Momma. Thank you Jesus.


A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock