What A Girl’s Boots Say About Her Personality

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I for one am a firm believer is first impressions. Being a country girl one of the first things I look at is your boots. I believe it’s just habit. And maybe because I’m obsessed with cowboy boots. Here is what a girls boots will tell you about her personality.

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Snip toe (pointy toed)

Cold. The girl is cold. She has a rough exterior. She might be the sweetest girl in the world, but she wont let you know that. She’s going to come off as a tough girl with her nose in the air. She will make you think that she doesn’t even notice you. She is drinking whiskey on nothing but the rocks and she’s throwing them back like its nothing. The type of girl that could either light up your world or destroy it with just a look.

Round toe.

She’s your sweetheart. Just sort of coming into herself. Reserved. Still figuring out who she is. Her smile will light up a room. Her laugh makes your heart skip a beat. Not to sure about cowboy boots yet, but the more she wears them the more she likes them. Probably sipping on a mixed drink. Nothing to strong. She’s the one with a group of friends. You’ll rarely see her alone.

Square Toe.

She’s like barbed wire and flowers. She’s got the personality of your best friend, but not until she comes out of her shell. She’s flirty and fun. Drinking rum at the end of the bar with her baseball cap on. She’s on the dancefloor making a fool of herself. She’s the one singing loudly and making everyone else sing to. She’s out to have a good time no matter if she’s at the bar or the rodeo. No matter if she’s riding, out with friends, or at church on Sunday she’s wearing those square toes. Every mark on the leather is a memory and she will love to tell you about them.

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