$1 Hot Dog Night At New York Mets Game Got So Out Of Hand That The NYPD Was Called To Kick One Glizzy Gobbler Out

Mets hot dog riot

There’s nothing better than dollar hot dog night at the old ballgame.

The New York Mets leaned all the way into their dollar glizzy promotional campaign, and it paid off. They even brought back a local celebrity, Seymour Weiner (you may remember him from opening day), to help promote the game that took place last night.

Whoever is running the graphic design for the Mets needs a raise after this one:

Everyone does, in fact, love a wiener… especially if it’s only going for a dollar. I mean, have you seen stadium prices recently? That hot dog any other night is probably pushing $6 or $8 bucks.

As you might imagine, New York Mets fans relished (hot dog pun intended) in the moment and flocked to Citi Field to cheer on their team and shovel hot dogs down their gullets. It was a record breaking night, as the ballpark set a new record for one dollar dog night, selling 44,269 glizzies. The “You made Seymour proud” on the jumbo-tron was a nice touch:

Even the journalists covering the event were all in on the hot-dog-themed night. Mets field reporter Steve Gelbs sported a hot dog costume as he reported live from the concourse of Citi Field, and the fans behind him were painted up to celebrate the occasion (their chests read “$1 Dollar Wieners”).

The remote interview was informational, and possibly more entertaining than the game itself. That was especially the case when the “Wiener Boys” behind the reporter broke out into a loud, raucous “Seymour Weiner” chant, in honor of the veteran that has now become synonymous with the club (and apparently its dollar dog night).

Fun was had by all during the game which the New York Mets eventually won over the Chicago Cubs by a score of 4 to 2. However, one hot dog crazed fan apparently pushed the limits of glizzy gobbling to the point where authorities had to get involved.

The man was wearing a white t-shirt that he wrote “Bad Day to Be a Glizzy” on, and was using a marker to tally all of the dogs that he consumed onto his shirt. It was a truly legendary move, but it apparently got too out of hand during the 9th inning.

According to reports, the man in the video below had participated in the “9-9-9 Challenge,” meaning he ate a hot dog and drank a beer every inning of the game. Towards the end of the contest, people were throwing their extra hot dogs at the man so he could add to the increasing consumption total.

That eventually led to security and the NYPD intervening and escorting the man out for the “safety of everyone at the ball park.” What? A man can’t have a hobby? And that hobby be publicly eating as many hot dogs as possible?

Brian here claims that he rode the train home with the guy, who is a welder by trade, and he says that stadium security asked NYPD to remove him because they were afraid he could “incite a riot.” Incite a riot? You got dorks with megaphones taking over campus buildings across town at Columbia and you’re worried about this guy at the Mets game? C’mon, man…

But apparently, NYPD thought it was funny. If you’re a New York cop, would you rather be donning the riot gear and cuffing the blue hairs on the Upper West Side, or over at Citi Field escorting out a hot dog eating welder? I’m thinking the latter…

To quote the movie Moneyball, “How can you not be romantic about baseball?” Long live dollar hot dog night, and long live Seymour Weiner.

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