Golf Fans Sound Off After LIV Golf Announces Championship Will Be Held At Public Course Near Chicago

LIV golf
LIV Golf

LIV Golf, a league that pays out millions if not billions of dollars to its golfers, is taking their championship to the distinguished, historic course of Bolingbrook Golf Club in Bolingbrook, Illinois.

Haven’t heard of it? That’s because it’s not up there with the well-known courses like Augusta National or TPC Sawgrass. It’s actually “down there” with the “insert-nicest-public-golf-course-near-you-here.”

Yeah, LIV Golf has tapped a public golf course for their individual golf championship later this year.

Notice that they said “Chicago is the destination” in the post announcing the location of their tournament. In reality, Bolingbrook Golf Club is over an hour from Chicago.

Hope all of the LIV Golfers are okay with staying at the nearest Holiday Inn Express… unless they want to commute an hour from the Windy City every day of the tournament.

And I’m not here to slander Bolingbrook Golf Club, because I’m sure it is a great public course (the reviews have it as one of the top-ranked public course in all of Illinois). It’s just not normal for a professional golf league to choose a course that mere mortals and hackers can pay $60 bucks to go play any day of the week.

Makes you wonder if the hundreds of nicer, private golf courses closer to Chicago passed on hosting a LIV tournament.

This is just another part of the weird story and feud between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf. Obviously, PGA players and fans are getting a kick out of this decision by LIV, and many online were letting the LIV Tour have it for booking such an accessible course for their individual championship this September:

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