Goliath Grouper Swallows 4-Foot Shark Whole Off The Coast Of Florida

Goliath Grouper eats shark whole
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Holy smokes…

Fishermen off the coast of Bonita Springs, Florida were reeling in a black tip shark when one of the ocean’s most underrated monsters showed just how dangerous they can be.

Goliath groupers, as the name implies, are absolutely enormous. Growing over 8 feet long and weighing up to 800 pounds, these monsters are pretty rare, but make no mistake, they make their presence known.

They feed mainly on small, slow moving fish and crustaceans, however, if the opportunity arises to take on something bigger, they certainly will.

As the fisher pulled in the black tip shark, you’re able to see the grouper lurking ominously in the shadows, biding its time, waiting for just the right moment to strike.

When the shark reaches the surface, exhausted from the fight, the group starts admiring their work when out of nowhere the grouper makes its move, swallowing the shark in one powerful bite before slowly making its way back down to the bottom.

Truly one of the most impressive displays I’ve ever seen from a fish, and we almost missed it because these guys couldn’t just hold the camera still… that would have been a crying shame.

While sharks get a lot of press, there’s no denying that goliath groupers are fairly close the top of the ocean food chain.

Largemouth Bass Swallows Crappie As Fisherman Reels In His Catch

This is what fishing is really all about.

Those unexpected, yet incredibly amazing moments when things happen out of nowhere. Great stories to tell and memories made with good friends.

It’s something so simple on the surface, but also, fishing is an artform and a science in itself. Easy to do, but difficult to do really, really well.

This video captures a very wholesome, yet unique moment in fishing. Obviously, many fish prey on other fish, and it’s fairly common to find one in the guts of a large fish. Hell, most fisherman use smaller fish, or lures that look like smaller fish, to catch the ones they’re after.

But it’s not quite as common for one to attack while you’re reeling another in.

The man fishing is filmed reeling in a crappie out of the Sam Rayburn Reservoir in East Texas, when something weird happens at the end of his line. The boat full of fisherman debate what could be happening until they see the bass come right out of the water.

That’s when the fisherman expresses himself how we all feel when something awesome happens during fishing.

“See that’s what I come down here for”



The big bass is almost to large for their net, but with the crappie in its mouth, it eventually gets wrestled into it.

The whole boat is fired up, and at the end of the day, that’s what it is all about.

Fisherman Reels In Big Shark… And There Was Nothing Left

If you spend enough time in the wilderness, weather it’s in the mountains, the woods, at sea, etc… you’re bound to see some crazy stuff.

Whether its an animal charge, dive bombing birds, or a big fish that meets an even bigger fish.

Generally, you think of sharks at the top of the food chain, but apparently, they have no shortage of their own worries in the depths of sea.

These Australian fishermen fueled up the boat and hit the ocean for a day of swordfish fishing.

One of the fishermen hooking into something massive. He starts reeling, and reeling and reeling… hours of reeling:

“What has it been 3 hours? And we’re not that much closer. This is insane”

The mans reel still has loads of line out.

Catching an absolute beast and getting in a gnarly workout, seems like win-win to me, really.

The fight goes on and on for what ended up being 4.5 hours, and you can finally, you can start to see the fish or whatever it is through the water. As it gets closer the fishermen are increasingly confused the whole time. Even after it surfaces its easy to tell they are baffled by what it is.

Then they decide it is their target species and get ready to gaff it and pull it up on deck. As it gets it they start to grab it and realize it is missing a third of its body. Yup, something else ate the shark that is huge.

I would love to see whatever ate it, from a far, far distance of course.

The shark almost looks like a cartoon fish with the head and tail and only bones for the body…. just nuts. I mean, imagine reeling for 4.5 hours only to reel in a dead, half eaten fish…. seems like it might be minorly disappointing.

What could’ve done this?

The obvious answer is a much larger shark, but judging by the comments, you’ll never guess what did this kind of damage… a giant squid.

A number of  fishermen and seafaring lads chimed in with comments about how they’ve seen this before and it’s the patented sign of a giant squid attack.

Either way this made for a wild video…

The ocean is a crazy place where here is always something larger trying to find a meal.

As our fisherman put it:

“He’s proper legend of the deep, well… he was a legend of the deep and now he’s just food for another shark. It’s a pretty tough world out here.

This might be the most epic thing I’ve ever seen off shore.”

Six Bull Sharks Feast On Goliath Grouper Off Florida Coast

As if one shark wasn’t bad enough…

A Virginia Beach based fishing guide named Jack Limroth is spending the winter down in the Sunshine State and had himself one of the most Florida fishing experiences you can have just the other day.

Someone on Captain Jack’s boat hooked up with a goliath grouper, which get their name for good reason, averaging around 400 pounds but can grow to be over 800 pounds, when a group of nearby sharks took note of the struggling fish.

Six… yes six… large bull sharks began chowing down on the hooked grouper as the guy tried to reel it in and the scene when what was left of the fish broke the water’s surface was truly incredible and terrifying.

You really, really don’t want to get pulled into that water…

There were lots of comments talking about the “shark problem” many saltwater anglers are seeing due to the protections placed on the species, and while I’m sure there’s some credence to that, that’ll be a blog for another day. For now, let’s just appreciate the power of these ocean predators.

I was just fishing down in Florida and didn’t have a problem with sharks but pretty much everyone down there has a story about one stealing their catch. This one, though, may just take the top prize.

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