Shane Smith & The Saints Release ‘Live At Red Rocks’ Album

Shane Smith & the Saints
Natalie Rhea

Live from Red Rocks.

Shane Smith & The Saints are blessing their fans with a live album the week before they make their return back to the historic Morrison, Colorado venue. On May 7th, the Austin, Texas band is set to take the stage and will be supported by their friends, 49 Winchester and Hayes Carll.

What better way to celebrate their return to this stage than by taking a walk down memory lane to May of 2023, when they made their Red Rocks debut? Last year, they laid down an electric set at the Colorado venue, accompanied by Charles Wesley Godwin, Molly Tuttle, and the Midnight River Choir. The whole concert was shortly released for viewing after the show, and it is honestly a YouTube video that I still watch often.

As they know it is a beloved concert set for fans to look back on, the group decided to remix and master the show so it could be listened to as a live album.

“‘Live from Red Rocks’ is here! Remixed & mastered, just in time for your trip to Red Rocks 2024 on May 7th! Includes appearances by Molly Tuttle and Charles Wesley Godwin and the Midnight River Choir.

Listen now, and pre-order the TRIPLE VINYL featuring the full show, start to finish, in our BIO.”

During last year’s show, frontman Shane Smith took a second to thank the crowd and all the support they have shown in their career.

“Thank you all so much for being here. I cannot explain to you how huge of a night this is for us. We’ve worked so hard to get to this spot, truly, and I just want to say thank y’all so much. We would not be here if it were not for all of you folks.”

After the success of their latest album, Norther, I can only imagine what words of gratitude the crowd will hear next week.

This set from last year is still a stellar listen. You can hear the excitement oozing from them as they perform, creating an unreal energy that is passed through your speakers or headphones. I said it the first time I watched the whole set, and I am still saying it a year later…I can only imagine how electric this was for those who occupied the venue’s seats.

Fire this up in preparation for round two on May 7th.

If you don’t have the time (right now) to watch the full concert, check out some of our favorite songs from the evening.

“Fire In The Ocean”

“Feather In The Wind”

“Cocaine Habit”

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