Carson Hocevar Tricked His Fellow NASCAR Drivers Into Endorsing Him To Win The Fan Vote For The All-Star Race

Carson Hocevar

Ok, this is pretty good.

The NASCAR Cup Series All-Star Race is right around the corner, taking place on May 19 and once again being held at the historic North Wilkesboro Speedway.

The main event will feature drivers who have won a points race in either 2023 or 2024, as well as any previous All-Star Race winners and previous Cup Series champions.

But any drivers who aren’t already in the race still have a couple opportunities to make it into the big show and compete for the $1 million.

The top two drivers in the All-Star Open, which will be held on Saturday, May 18 and feature drivers not already eligible for the All-Star Race, will earn a spot in the main event. And the final spot goes to the winner of a fan vote, with fans having the opportunity to vote to send one driver who’s not already in the All-Star Race into the big show.

Now, of course drivers would rather earn their way in and not have to rely on the fan vote. But one driver has decided to do a little campaigning just in case the fan vote is his only way in.

Carson Hocevar is in his first season in the Cup Series, driving the #77 car for Spire Motorsports. Given that he’s a rookie and Spire is a smaller, underfunded team compared to some of the cars he’s racing against, Carson knows that the fan vote may be his best shot at getting into the All-Star Race.

So he decided to collect some endorsements in the fan vote election – from some of his competitors.

Carson released a video containing “endorsements” from fellow drivers Austin Dillon, Kaz Grala and Anthony Alfredo. Which might not seem like that big of a deal until you realize that Dillon and Grala are ALSO competing for the fan vote, as neither of them are yet eligible for the All-Star Race.

How did he get his competitors to urge fans to vote for somebody other than themselves? Well it turns out, there was some trickery involved.

Grala posted a screenshot of the request that Hocevar sent on Cameo – which didn’t contain Carson’s last name, and asked his fellow drivers to make a video endorsing “Carson” in a school election.

Well with some selective editing, Hocevar was able to turn their Cameos into a full-fledged endorsement for the All-Star fan vote.

And I’ve gotta say, that’s a pretty genius move on Hocevar’s part. He may have just earned my vote with that one.

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