Giant Goliath Grouper Tries To Bite The Head Off Of Scuba Diver

goliath grouper tries to swallow a head
Brad Peters

Goliath groupers are generally nonviolent, though divers are instructed to treat the giant fish with caution.

That’s because their size alone can be incredibly dangerous. The largest species of grouper can weigh almost 900 pounds, while most boast a weight of around 700 to 800. They can also grow to be about six feet long, and I say all of that just so you know that the underwater beasts are nothing to mess with.

Grouper usually feed on smaller fish, and basically any other creature that isn’t faster than them. They’ll occasionally be brave and take on larger prey, like this massive grouper that swallowed a 4-foot shark whole.

Taking on a shark takes a lot of guts, and goliath groupers seems to be up to the challenge when it comes to that kind of hunting. And I said earlier that the big fish tend to avoid being violent… but this video below doesn’t exactly agree with that statement.

There have long been tales of goliath groupers attacking and even killing humans. As you might imagine, the lack of evidence in some stories (like two kids jumping into the Florida Keys and only coming up, presumed to be eaten by a grouper) lead them to be disputed.

However, when you see footage like this, it’s hard to absolve them of their potential crimes. The goliath grouper in this video is initially keeping its cool around the scuba divers that are visiting the bottom of the body of water. It’s tough to determine what changes the grouper’s mood. If I had to guess, it has something to do with the school of fish swimming near the diver.

After some peaceful, mutual habituation, the goliath grouper suddenly goes on the attack and bites the head of one of the scuba divers. At one point, it had its entire mouth around the diver’s skull, and though the person ended up being okay, that must have been a terrifying couple of seconds. The kind of seconds that feel like a lifetime, I’d imagine.

It appears the scuba diver just had their goggles messed up, which considering the situation and how much worse things could have gone, that’s not all that bad. Though it still looked really bad…

“Grouper try’s to bite the head off of a scuba diver. Wait until you see this! The Grouper’s name is Bonnie and she is a 500lb Goliath Grouper.”

Take a look:

Georgia Man Hauls In MASSIVE 334-Pound Grouper At Destin Fishing Rodeo

Holy smokes…

Fishermen from all over flocked to Destin, Florida for the 74th annual Destin Fishing Rodeo, a month long competition that has long been known to produce some really large fish.

The first two weeks of the competition have already turned in a 108.8lbs amberjack, 305.4lbs shark, and a 159.6lbs yellowfin tuna, but all of those were cast under the shadow of a monster Warsaw grouper caught on October 9th.

Garrett Thornton of Blackshear, Georgia, along with captain Kyle Lowe and crew, brought in a 333.8 pound monster grouper, just 25 pounds off the tournament record caught by John Hardin of Dunedin, FL in 2003.

Turns out, Captain Lowe had been scoping out this giant for a while.

Back in August, Lowe and Thornton were fishing for snowy grouper but a much larger fish kept stealing their catch. While they didn’t have the right tackle to catch it that day, he made a note to return and promised Thornton he wouldn’t go after it until they could get it together during the rodeo.

And when they did go back, it didn’t take very long to have the grouper on the line, he told the Destin Log.

“We dropped one rod, one bait. I thought we were going to have to smoke out the bite, but he bit within 15 seconds. I knew it was going to be a good one, but I had no idea it was going to be that big… 

We had the big tackle, one big rod with brand new line. We did everything to make sure it was right, because I knew he was there…

It took 30 minutes to get him to the top, but then it took over an hour to figure out how to get him over the side of the boat. It took all five of us.”

Awesome of the captain to keep his promise to one of his favorite customers and even more incredible they were able to actually hook it immediately and get it in the boat.

Good luck to the rest of the fishers out there, you have some ground to make up.

Some pretty cool art came from the catch too:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock