Taylor Sheridan Enlists ‘Yellowstone’ Actor Neal McDonough As Villain For ‘Tulsa King’ Season Two

Neal McDonough
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Oh this is going to be good…

After a rocky start, production for season two of Taylor Sheridan’s Tulsa King is underway and a familiar face has just been added to the cast.

It looked for a second as if things may fall apart before it really began when reports of Sylvester Stallone making disparaging comments about the background actors forced the casting agency to break ties with the show, but that all settled down and the crew is back on set and ready to continue a series that absolutely blew up on Paramount+.

Tusla King is about an ex New York mafia capo setting up shop in Tulsa, Oklahoma after being pushed out of his old role by a changing of the guard in the family. I won’t spoil anything, but there’s obviously a bit of turmoil in Tulsa when Dwight Manfredi comes to town and an announcement made by Variety just now confirms that more trouble is coming fast.

Neal McDonough has signed on to play Cal Thresher, a powerful and territorial business man that will challenge Manfredi’s operations. We obviously don’t know much more about it, but given how well McDonough can play a villain, I’m thinking it’s going to be a heck of a storyline.

Creator Taylor Sheridan often shows loyalty to actors that have worked with him in the past and this is no exception. McDonough played Yellowstone bad guy Malcomb Beck and is well know for his roles in Band Of Brothers and Minority Report. 

This is great news for Tulsa King and I absolutely cannot wait to get my eyes on season two.

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Trust me, you’re not going to regret it.

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