Multitasking Mother Bear Catches Dinner In The River With Her Cub On Her Back

Mama bear with her cub
Taylor Thomas Albright

Shoutout to all the mothers out there who are always multitasking like this mother bear.

For most moms, this video below is just another weeknight. Taking care of the kiddos while also preparing dinner is a tall task, but nothing that an experienced mother can’t handle. We should all be in awe of the work mothers put in like viewers have been in awe of this mother bear in the footage below.

Brown bears typically have the responsibility of watching after their offspring for around two years. Once the young bears are comfortable and self sufficient, the mother leaves them to go off and do life on their own. But before that moment comes, bear cubs need a lot of help.

The title of “mother” is a heavy crown for brown bears, who have to teach their young the ways of the world all while protecting them and keeping them fed. And on the rare occasion, the brown bears have to fulfill many of their motherly responsibilities all at once.

Take this mother bear for example. She’s allowing for her cub to hitch a ride on her back as she makes her way across the river, all while she’s also carrying a massive salmon to serve up for dinner later on. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the older bear snatched up the fish as the cub was riding along on her back.

But that’s just being a mother for you, doing everything under the sun and then asking, “What else can I do for you?” This little bear cub is well taken care of, and dry, thanks to the selflessness and love that its mother is extending.

Check it out:

That mother bear can do it all.

Those on social media that viewed the video were astounded by the brown bear’s ability to juggle so many things at once, and some even found the clip very relatable:

“I’ve seen it all now! Unbelievable capture!”

“The equivalent of us with the baby in the buggy and stopping by the supermarket for dinner on the way home.”

“Fully relying on mom. Isn’t life beautiful?”

“This is probably the best ‘Ubear-eats’ you can dream of.”

I’m always here for an animal pun. My hat is off to the person who thought up “Ubear Eats.”

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