Ernest Releases Live Performance Video Of “How’d We Get Here”

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Country dang music.

A few days ago, Ernest released a live performance video of “How’d We Get Here” as part of his Blind Barber Sessions series.

The song was included on his recent Nashville, Tennessee album, which is full of so many great, traditional and classic-sounding country songs, including this one.

Written by Ernest, the song tells the story of two people in a relationship who took a wrong turn and don’t really know how or where, though in all reality, they haven’t really gone very far down the road:

“How’d we get here?”, you ask
Ain’t like we were using us some glove-box paper map
Just a couple thoughts and wondered after one too many laughs
Maybe an appearance in a dream

But that’s the only rеason I can think we’d be wherе we are
Talkin’ ’bout the moon and how it wound up with the stars
No, we ain’t gettin’ lost ’cause we ain’t really gone that far
“How’d we get here?”, you ask”

Full of beautiful fiddle and some gorgeous production, this video feels like it could’ve been filmed in 1980, and the song does too… and I mean that in the best way possible.

Do yourself a favor and check it out:

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