GoFundMe Set Up To Throw A “Rager” For UNC Frat Bros Who Went Viral Defending American Flag Amid Protests

UNC American flag

Time to get these guys star spangled hammered.

As I’m sure you’re aware by now, protests have been popping up on college campuses all over the country calling for universities to divest from Israel and support Palestine amid the ongoing conflict in the Middle East.

Protestors at Columbia University and many others across the country have set up encampments and occupied buildings, leading to tense standoffs with university officials and law enforcement who are trying to maintain order on campus.

At the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill earlier this week, protestors took down the American flag on the campus quad and replaced it with a Palestinian flag, a move that (understandably) upset quite a few people.

Police eventually escorted UNC chancellor Lee Roberts out to personally replace the stars and stripes, leading to a heated confrontation with the pro-Palestinian protestors. But after the flag was replaced, an unlikely group of heroes emerged to protect it from the angry mob: Frat bros.

A photo quickly went viral of a group of fraternity brothers protecting the American flag, singing the national anthem as it was being hoisted back above campus and smiling at protestors who were hurling things at them as they surrounded the flagpole.

And the internet fell in love with the group who turned out to be members of the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity:

Well social media loved them so much that somebody has even established a GoFundMe to support these guys in pretty much the best way possible to support a group of frat guys: Throwing them a rager.

According to the description of the GoFundMe:

“Commie losers across the country have invaded college campuses to make dumb demands of weak University Administrators.

But amidst the chaos, the screaming, the anti-semitism, the hatred of faith and flag, stood a platoon of American heroes. Armored in Vineyard Vines and Patagonia, fueled by Zyn and White Claws, these triumphant Brohemians protected Old Glory from the unwashed Marxist horde — laughing at their shrieks and wails and shielding the Stars & Stripes from Soviet missiles.

These boys… no, men, of the UNC Chapel Hill Pi Kappa Phi, gave the best to America and now they deserve the best.

Help us raise funds to throw this frat the party they deserve, a party worth of the boat-shoed Broleteriat who did their country proud.”

So far they’ve already raised over $40,000 for this party. And looking at the price of a keg of Busch Light in NC, if my math serves me correctly, that’s…one hell of a party.

Frat on, good sirs.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock