Fishermen Nearly Get Impaled When Marlin Comes Screaming Into Their Boat

Marlin dives into the boat

Out of all the fish you could catch, and have the fish come flying at your head, a marlin is probably last on the list. I mean, they literally have giant swords hanging off the end of their face.

What is scarier than a giant fish with a sharp sword for a face flying directly at you? Not much…

We’ve seen a king salmon do it in Alaska, and even carp on the Illinois River, but that just makes for a great video and a good fishing story. This is a little different…

Typically, reeling in a marlin takes hours. It is an incredibly strong fish that can take you for the fight of your life. It’s what makes them really popular among sport fisherman. Marlin are massive and are known to jump during a good fight in an attempt to break free. Usually the jumps get you going in a good way. You see that majestic marlin break through the water and your pants get a little tighter. Stick the chest out a little further… you’re pumped.

This one isn’t like that though… this jump would make you soil your shorts.

Just as the fisherman gets the marlin in close to the boat it takes a final leap for its life and literally lands directly on the fisherman. A few our fisherman are able to duck but it slaps the got with the rod right across the chest.

Now, you just gotta worry about getting stabbed… At least it was easy to get the fish in the boat, I guess.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock