Crocodile Turns The Lights Out On Gazelle Walking In The River

Croc takes down gazelle
Marlon du Toit

That gazelle never had a chance.

Well, I guess it technically had a 1 in 3 chance of getting attacked, considering the other two gazelles were walking along with it. But once the crocodile had its sights set on the poor, unsuspecting antelope, there was no evading the quick-moving croc.

The Mara River runs through Kenya and Tanzania (get out your world map), and acts as a watering hole for many land animals. However, animals of all shapes and sizes always have to be on high alert, as the body of water has been nicknamed the “River of Death.”

During the early parts of the year, the Great Migration takes place, and causes many grazing animals and herds to cross the dangerous river. Often times animals like wildebeest and gazelles are forced into the river by lions and leopards, only to then have to dodge crocodiles lurking in the water.

When wildebeests cross the river, they do so as fast as they can, knowing how fatal a wrong step can be. This group of gazelle in the video, on the other hand, were for some reason taking their sweet time as they stepped through the water. They must not have known how dangerous the Mara River can be, and two of them that survived sure as hell found out.

Unfortunately, the other gazelle didn’t even have time to react to the deadly crocodile attack. The croc stayed low and moved slow before it rocketed out of river and chomped down on the small antelope. In the blink of an eye, the crocodile expeditiously dragged the gazelle underneath the water and turned the animal’s lights out.

Animals that live out in the wild have to keep their head on a swivel, otherwise a predator will put their head on a swivel for them. This gazelle got its body snapped around in a flash, and at least there’s some comfort in knowing that the small animal was likely put out of its misery rather quickly.

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