Luke Combs Teases New Single About Cherishing Moments With Your Kids – “Huntin’ By Yourself”

Luke Combs
Luke Combs

Luke Combs is leaning into this fatherhood.

I mean, this one has to drop on Father’s Day, right… it’s the perfect song for bonding with your kiddos. Combs, now a dad of two boys, really understands the meaning of “time moves fast” and perfectly captures that in this demo he shared for a new track called “Huntin’ By Yourself.”

Combs put an on-screen caption on the video to note what inspired the track.

“This song is about doing things you love with your kids, but knowing they’ll grow up one day & then you’ll realize it’s never about what you’re doing but who you do it with.” 

The sweet lyrics of the track tell the story of a father who has spent many years hunting with his child. From him taking down his first buck to all of the amazing moments they shared in the stand, they were also met with moments when maybe the father wished he hadn’t brought his kiddo to the woods.

It can be frustrating when the little ones don’t want to sit still or talk too loudly, but you’ll look back on those times wishing you had them again rather than being alone in the stand when they have grown up.

“He moves too much
And he talks too loud
But I don’t mind cause 
I’m finding out, even if it’s 
Just time we’re killin’
It’s never felt more like livin’
They’ll make you cuss
And wear your patience thin
But next thing you know they’re
All grown up and then
You’re huntin’ by yourself again…”

Who is cutting onions in here?

So many folks in the comments feel the same way, especially the dads who have experienced ones who grew up in the stand and now are out in the world on their own. I know everyone says that they never know when a song will be a hit, but based on this fan reaction just a few hours after sharing the snippet, Combs has something special on his hands with this one.

This song is a gift to all the parents out there… drop this one soon, Luke.

Check out some of the comments left on social media praising the lyrics.


“Whooo, man, it’s dusty in here.”

“I don’t even have kids, and this made me cherish the moments I have with my kids.”

“This is how you write a hunting song.”

“Sounding like a stallion.”

“This album needs to be called The Kleen-X Files.”

“Dang brother.. got me cryin’ about kids I don’t even have yet…”

“I need more tissues.”

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