15 Life Lessons From Florida Georgia Line’s New Album – “Dig Your Roots”

Let’s dig some roots.

With music shaping culture unlike never before, I love to take album’s, track by track, and take a look into some wisdom we can glean from some of our favorite country albums. With life lessons of faith, marriage and family, it’s obvious to me that Florida Georgia Line’s Dig Your Roots is a hugely inspired by the wives of Tyler and BK.

Here’s 15 life lessons from each track of Florida Georgia Line’s new album, Dig Your Roots.


1. A good woman is like a good whiskey.

“Good Lord, Almighty Girl, you go down good. Girl, you’re so smooth.”

2. Keep your priorities in line.

“Raise your kids, love your wife, Put God first, just live to your life.”

3. Remember to love on your partner daily.

“See, it’s a Monday through Friday, 365 celebration An everyday ‘cation.” 

4. Sex is spiritual.

Let me lay you down, Give me to ya, Get you singin’, babe, Hallelujah.”

5. Find the person that makes the others disappear.

We’re so caught up in each other It’s just the two of us, We might as well be on an island.”

6. It’s ok to like different kinds of music.

The sound of a quarter rollin’ down the jukebox, Play the Travis Tritt right above the Tupac.


7. Savor those wild summer nights.

Lay it on back, Back to the back of that ragtop Jeep, Blame it on the waves, we ain’t gettin’ no sleep.”

8. Marriage is a lifetime commitment.

“Baby, I’m a lifer I ain’t going nowhere, Told you since day one I had to wife ya.”

9. Find someone that makes you want to be better.

She’s a front pew hallelujah, drop another 20 in the plate, He’s on the back row, little hungover, ‘bout 20 minutes late.” 

10. If you want someone back, say so.

Rushing over runnin’ into my house, With want you back tears rollin’ down your face.”

11. Nobody will live you more than God.

No one’s ever gonna love you more than God, your mama, and me.” 

12. Love is the answer. Music is healing.

Stop the bleeding, Get back to believing, Love is the answer, And music is healing

13. Take every opportunity to spend time with your dad.

So I’m gonna try to say it before I gotta pray it, Hopin’ that he’s lookin’ down. And tell him that I love him while he’s still around.” 

14. Growing old together takes patience and hardwork, daily.

It’s gonna take a little time, we’ll have to work at it every day.”

15. Keep it hot.

Midnight sweat, Cherokee skin, Can’t cool off, but I’m cool with it “

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