I Love The Song, But “Different For Girls” Is Complete Bullsh*t

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Don’t get me wrong… I love Dierks Bentley. We were posting Elle King songs way before she sang on this one, and I really do love the new single, but can we all agree that it’s some fantasy land bullshit?

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I’ll concede that men and women are made different. Biologically, emotionally… men and women are just wired differently, as they should be. On paper, men tend to hide their emotions more, while women tend to be more open with their feelings, but to act like all women are home alone crying themselves to sleep while their male counterparts are out hunting for drunken one-night stands is flat out ridiculous.

This song paints men as emotionless robots that use women for their own personal satisfaction. When that ends, they just get drunk and find a new one. When that ounce of residual heartache creeps up we self-medicate with anger, violence, sex or alcohol.

The song never says what women actually “do” to cope, but based on what they “don’t do” I think we can infer that there is no such thing as a strong woman. She stays at home like a little angel, cries a lot and watches Nicholas Sparks movies until she has maturely dealt with the pain and moved on.

It’s a cute idea, but it’s not reality. Some men go out and try to drink the pain away and some stay home, too broken-hearted to even have a beer with the boys. Some girls call up their mom for a comforting conversation and others prefer the arms of a stranger for that comfort. It IS different for girls, because it’s different for EVERY girl.

It’s 2016 and you want to know what actually happens when relationships end, and better yet, end badly? My beautiful ex-girlfriend has 15 new hot guys to choose from in 35 seconds and I’m drunk and alone in a 24-hour McDonald’s, trying not to cry, while I eat my feelings with a 17 dollar order at 3am.

Someone write a song about that please.

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A beer bottle on a dock