Cody Johnson Is The Texas Country You Need on Your Playlist Right Now

Cody Johnson is as country western as they come with a classic sounding voice that’ll grab your attention and never let go.

He makes me think “this is the type of country music that should be on the radio.” This old school cowboy has got the killer pipes and lyrics to back it up. Cody’s onstage energy looks like the type that would make you throw your head back and yell “HELL YEAH.”You can tell he’s the type of singer who loves what he’s doing. The handsome devil has the ladies swooning and praying for a cowboy of their own.

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His new album Gotta Be Me is available on iTunes for pre-order now and with that you get three songs “Gotta Be Me,” “With You I Am,” and “The Only One I Know (Cowboy Life)” instantly. The record is set to release August 5th and it’ll be a knock out.

Check out the video for “With You I Am” below.

photo via J Trevino

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