27 Essential Things Every Guy Must Own

Since the beginning of time, man has found an internal desire to set himself apart from the rest of the pack. How can this be accomplished? Things. It sounds shallow, but in order to look your best, feel your best, and most importantly produce your best, you are going to need some items. Take a lesson from James Bond. He had a lot of cool stuff. For your instant upgrade in the man category, make sure you track down these essential items.


1. A Tailored Suit

Buy one before you are 30. Stay that size.

2. Nice Pair Of Boots

Probably should have multiple pairs.

3. Quality Leather Belt

Black AND Brown. Reversible is a work of the devil.

4. Quality Sunglasses

Just don’t lose them.


5. Grooming Kit

Take care of your face. It’s the first thing people see.

6. Toolbox

Start small. Build it over time.

7. Good Knife

One good chef’s knife will handle all your kitchen needs.


8. A Multi-Purpose Bag

For the gym and the weekend.

9. A Good Bottle of Whiskey

Only for special occasions. No exceptions.

10. Cast Iron Skillet

Well seasoned.

11. Jean Jacket

There is nothing like a broken-in jean jacket.


12. Signature Cologne

Find what’s you and own it.

13. A Fishing Pole

Everyone needs to relax.

14. Your Go-To Coffee Mug

Mine is 32 oz and has a moose on it. It’s amazing.

15. Moleskine Journal

Write things down. If nothing else, impart your wisdom on your grandchildren when you die.

16. White Oxford

The perfect shirt for any occasion.


17. A Wristwatch

Like you need another excuse to be looking at your phone.

18. A Collection Of Books

That you have actually read.

19. Moneyclip

A wad of cash doesn’t belong in your wallet. Nobody wants to sit on a brick.

20. Gym Membership

Unless you have the equipment at home.


21. Good Dog

It’s man’s best friend for a reason. Your girlfriend’s yorkie doesn’t count.

22. Work Gloves

Roll up your sleeves and get dirty.

23. A Sport

Find one you love and play it until you physically can’t.

San Diego with Kip Moore on Vimeo

24. Pocket Squares

If you put on a suit, it needs a pocket square. No questions asked.

25. A Gun

Also, probably more than one.

26. Bottle Opener

Not one from the dollar jar at the gas station.

27. Leather Jacket

Leather with an “L” not a “P.”


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