Chris Janson’s Debut Album Balances Traditional And Modern Flawlessly

If you like a little old school with the new school, Chris Janson is your guy.


Janson is one to stick to his guns, and after years of grinding, he finally had a song take the country music world by storm with “Buy Me A Boat.”

The album features 11 songs that balance that line between traditional and modern flawlessly. One second you think you’re listening to a George Strait track (“Under The Sun”) the next you’re listening to a duet with Tim McGraw, dropping Jesus’ name (“Messin’ With Jesus”) in an upbeat delivery few would be able to pull off. Janson does.


His new single, “Power of Positive Drinkin'” is a standout track. A fun playful wordplay that you’re gonna be cranking up before your weekend nights. Janson is no one-trick pony, however. He delivers heartfelt ballads at the perfect moments on the album, showing that the old school country rocker has another side fans are going to love. The most lighthearted, fun, radio-friendly song is likely “Save A Little Sugar” – a song people are going to get hooked on.

The album is party-filled, in your face, with just the right amount of slowed-down country to the bone ballads. It’s a rarity to see a piece of work like this lately – it’s refreshing.

Standout Tracks

Buy Me A Boat

Holdin’ Her

Messin’ With Jesus

Right In The Middle

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