Exclusive Interview: Talking Songwriting, Nashville and Country Night Lights With Brooke Eden

Vince Gill recently shared his thoughts on the women of country music. “To me, they’re making much more … interesting records. They’re saying more things I’d prefer to hear, lyrically and song-wise, and that’s compelling.” I have to say, that in many ways, I do agree with him. So when I got the chance to chat with country singer-songwriter Brooke Eden, to say I was excited was an understatement.

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Named one of Vogue’s “10 Country ‘It’ Girls of 2014” as well as “One to Watch in 2015” by both Country Weekly and Nashville Lifestyles, BBR Music Group artist Brooke Eden is quickly becoming one of Country music’s most highly-anticipated newcomers. The young Loxahatchee, Florida native came up the artist ranks by paying her dues, performing in clubs and learning the craft of songwriting from the tender age of four. In the past four years alone, Eden has performed over 500 shows, including opening for superstars such as Alan Jackson, Sugarland and Florida Georgia Line.  

Additionally, Eden has partnered with national apparel brand Country Outfitter as a celebrity columnist for the retailer’s Style Blog as she embarks upon her first radio tour and release of her official debut Country single in 2015.  

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Growing up in Florida, when did you decide to pursue a career in country music and make the move to Nashville?

I pretty much have always known that I wanted to pursue country music. My father was a drummer in a country band in Florida, so the question was never if I wanted to move to Nashville, it was more a matter of when. I moved here about 3 years ago, but for my whole life, I was waiting for the chance to finally fly away. (laughs)

As a songwriter, do you have a process for evaluating a good song versus a bad song?

When you first start a song you think “Oh my God this is going to be awesome” and then you tell your co-writers and hope they like it. Then you get about halfway through and you think “this is really going to suck.” (laughs) So every song you do, you have a bar that you are trying to meet, but there is a definite roller coaster ride of writing a song, similar to the roller coaster ride of life where you say, “This is awesome!, this sucks…, this is awesome!, this sucks…. and hopefully when you get to the end of the song you say “this is awesome.” (laughs)

Is there someone you play new songs for to feel it out a little?

I do that a lot with my roommate. She’s in my target demographic so I can come home and ask her what she thinks about this song or this idea. She always helps me gauge if it’s good or if it’s not so good. (laughs)

Who are some artists that you are currently listening to and drawing inspiration from?

I really love Eric Church and Brandy Clark. They’re probably my two favorite country artists right now.

What do you want listeners to take away from your music?

I would just want people realize that their problems and issues are things that everyone goes through constantly. Oftentimes I think people feel alone when they are going through hard times and I want people to know that it doesn’t really matter where you come from, but only matters where you’re going.

What are some of your favorite things to do when you’re not performing or writing?

Anything on the water. Being from Florida, there was always an ocean or a lake by us. Canoeing, kayaking, or going on the boat. I also love hiking and anything outdoors really.


What is one thing that you cannot live without?

Probably my phone. (laughs) On show days, I can’t live without my tea. I got to have that. It’s called throat-coat.

Do you have a favorite spot in Nashville that you like to spend time at?

Yeah the 12 South Park, which is pretty close to my house. I like to walk there when I need to think. If I don’t want to think too much I’ll go to South, the bar.

Are you currently working on an album right now?

Yes, it’s going to be my debut album. It’s in the very beginning stages. I just met with my management and everything is starting to get moving right now.

Who are you writing with?

Brett James, Chris DeStefano, Sonia Leigh, Ross Copperman….there’s a lot of people. (laughs)

How excited are you to be opening up for Sam Hunt at Country Night Lights?

I’m super-pumped! Sam and I went on the road together last year for a Florida run, so we have been on the road together before and it’s really fun.

Do you like the festival atmosphere or do you prefer performing in an indoor venue?

They both have their pros and cons for sure, but I really do love the festival scene just because there are so many different artists that you get to see in one day. Even though we are artists, we are still fans of each other, so when we play festivals, we get to see a lot of our friends play as well, which is cool.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hopefully touring full time and living the life on the road.

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