Is Mickey Guyton The Next Carrie Underwood? A Track-By-Track Review Of Her New EP

It’s rare that a new voice walks into country music and blows everyone away. The recent crop of emerging female artists including Kelsea Ballerini, Lindsay Ell, Clare Dunn and others have left us with a lot to look forward to, however nobody has the powerhouse of a voice that Mickey Guyton has. If you haven’t heard her yet, think Carrie Underwood.mi-793x526

Why Baby Why is a breakup ballad about trying to get away from an ex. Lyrically, it doesn’t necessarily say anything we haven’t heard before, but Guyton’s strong vocal performance real helps you feel it.

Somebody Else Will is the advice you give to someone when they are going through a hard time. It’s from the point of the view of your reassuring friend that tells you how you can move on and find someone else. It’s upbeat and feel good melody makes it believable, just in case you don’t actually have that friend helping you through your breakup. Turn on Mickey for a nice pep talk.

Pretty Little Mustang is the highest energy song of the EP. It’s another encouraging song about dressing up and killing it in your Mustang. It flirts with the borders of female “bro-country” a little bit, but overall doesn’t quite fit that mold. Bonus points for the guitar solo.

Better Than You Left Me is the shining star of the album. Guyton’s vocal performance is rivaled by nobody in country music, with the exception Carrie Underwood. Also, the lead single from the EP, ‘Better Than You Left Me’ is well-written and gutsy. The ending is where Guyton cuts loose and drops your jaw. She can flat out sing.

Overall, the EP is going to find itself often on a woman’s playlist. It’s mostly written for girls by girls, however, there is so much talent present that I think anyone will appreciate the tracks on it. If there has been a better female voice in country music since Carrie Underwood, then I haven’t heard it.

Catch Mickey Guyton on tour with Brad Paisley this summer at the Crushin’ It World Tour.

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